.......a journey into the past

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Research your family tree. Find out about your family history and your ancestors.

Genealogy research service plus digital photo restoration service.

Based in Somerset, near Bristol, UK

Ancestry Research Service

Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor..............

.................what could you find out about YOUR ancestors? Find out who they were, where they lived, where they came from and what they did for a living.

Let me help you to research your family tree. It's a fascinating journey into the past!

With fixed price packages to choose from you can budget for as much or as little as you like and choose added extras as you please.

To discuss your requirements without obligation just contact me.


Most of the bags in the shop are individual, one-off creations and many of them are made using upcycled fabrics in order to keep a happy environment. They are all hand signed.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to charity. The charity for this year is the Bristol Children's Help Society (Registered charity number 1092921).

So please click HERE to take a look at my shop where purchases can be made via the secure PayPal system. Alternatively, give me a ring on 01934 833648 to visit me and view the selection.